Strong End to 2016 for Law Office of Timothy Woodward

As 2016 winds to a close, Criminal Defense Attorneys Timothy Woodward and Matthew Quigg garnered impressive wins in two trials.

In October 2016, Criminal Defense Attorney Quigg garnered a not guilty verdict on all charges in the matter of Commonwealth v. H.O. Police charged Mr. O., an accountant, with assaulting two women outside a bar, after the two women were thrown out of his aunt’s car. Video surveillance captured the entire incident. Using the video surveillance footage, Mr. Quigg showed the jury how Mr. O. could not have caused the injuries to the woman, as he did not have sufficient time to assault two women, let alone in the manner the complaining witnesses alleged. The jury deliberated for a little over two hours before reaching their verdict.

In November 2016, Criminal Defense Attorneys Woodward and Quigg made up two-thirds of the legal team that obtained a judgment of acquittal at the end of the prosecution’s case-in-chief. This matter, Commonwealth v. E.O. was the result of a fatal accident between two trucks in Montgomery County. Mr. Woodward’s cross-examination of the prosecution’s experts relating to how the tractor and trailer connected proved especially effective in the judge finding the prosecution failed to present enough evidence to proceed. Granting a judgment of acquittal means that the prosecution presented insufficient evidence, even if all of it was believed, to convict someone.