Drug Crimes

Drug crime convictions can have a serious impact depending on the charge of possession, trafficking, distribution or illegal use.

Drug Crimes

Offenders charged with drug crimes can be charged for their participation in any of act or their intent to participate in the possession, cultivation, manufacture, transportation, distribution, trafficking, and conspiracy to commit an illegal exchange of drugs. Drug charges can involve street drugs, over-the-counter drugs, prescription drugs used or sold fraudulently and the creation of any of these substances for distribution.

Common illegal drugs include heroin, methadone, morphine, opium, oxycodone, amphetamines, cocaine, khat, methamphetamines, barbiturates, GHB, ecstasy, LSD, marijuana, steroids and inhalants.

Drug Crime Implications and Level of Charge Guidelines:

  • Prosecution of drug cases can be done at both state and federal court levels depending on the complexity of charges
  • State court drug cases can include misdemeanors and felonies involving possession
  • Mandatory sentencing guidelines can be utilized for many drug related crime charges

Guidelines and Information about the Consequences of Drug Crimes

  • A drug court option is a possible option for offenders who are considered to have the ability to focus on rehabilitation for substance addictions
  • Offenders involved with a drug crime misdemeanor may qualify for a section 17 probation which can be offered to first time offenders
    • A section 17 probation offers offenders the option to complete a series of tasks negotiated between the defense attorney and the prosecution
    • When the program is completed charges can be dismissed or potentially expunged from a criminal record

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